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Updated Reel for the 1st Quarter of 2018

 VFX Reel

Animation Reel

This movie has been really fun to work on! 

It will be good fun to watch :) 

On this  Project i was mostly doing Matte paintings and Set Extensions.

I had i great time working on this movie as a Senior Enviroment Artist, with an amazing team at MPC.

Can't wait to watch it!  :)

This is a Work in Progress.

So all i have to show is a pic of the screen rendering it! ;) 

This project was to learn World Machine, and i had a blast doing it!  

Hope you enjoy! 

Worked on this show as a Lead Shading and Texture Artist.

This is some of the work i've done in Open Season Scared Silly.

I worked as Look Dev and Lead Texture Artist, focused on Enviroment.

This is a tool i wrote for personal use, but i thought i should post it here.

I've been using this for scatter from leaves on the ground to full on forests! And so far i am having a blast...

If you encounter any issues, let me know!

I will try to keep this updated as much...

This is a tool i made for Personal use to manage my textures.

It has a few options:


1- Localize - Copy all textures to your sourceimages folder

2- Resize - It resizes the selected texture to the size you picked

3- Original - Will bring you texture back to original size 





Here is some of the stuff i did for the FarCry primal cinematics.


I received the game assets, and was requested to UpRes it for a few shots. So i added and textured the fur on this guy 

I also had to do the torch and the fire for a couple shots! 






This is a tool i made to toggle between textures.

It can be usefull if you want color variations on a object that will be scatted on a scene, or a close up texture you might only need for a specific shot. Or variations on textures to change the look of the asset without...



Here are some images from my student reel done at Vancouver Film School.


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